Shrink Sleeves

Wrap up sales with shrink sleeves, an attractive and functional product packaging option. Choose from full color plus white and metallic inks, spot gloss or matte and full gloss or matte. 

To achieve this effect, White Graphics prints on a film and molds it to the shape of the packaging using heat. We add metallic inks or we utilize a variety of finishes to enhance the look and feel of products.

Consider The Many Benefits of Shrink Sleeves:

360-Degree Graphics – Because they wrap around the product, shrink sleeves can be used for 360-degree graphics on uneven structures. As a result, you have more available real estate for your high-impact graphics and text.

Vibrant, Colorful – The shrink sleeve application process increases color vibrancy and makes the product pop on store shelves.

Container Compatibility – Shrink sleeves can conform to any size product container – even specialty containers – and can be fitted over the product cap or lid, adding an extra degree of safety and security for consumers.

Adhesive Quality – Unlike paper, shrink sleeves are made of a waterproof material designed to adhere to the product, even in humid conditions. They are abrasion resistant, so printed messages don’t get compromised during shipping.

Environmentally Friendly – Because shrink sleeves can be slipped easily from their containers, recycling of cans, glass and plastic is a snap.

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