Custom Cover Up Labels

Fix the Flaws with Cover-Up Labels

Most people take labels at face value, only questioning things if there's a major recall or a serious shift in public knowledge. But labels can contain numerous mistakes, ones that really should be corrected if the public is going to have all the information they need. That's why cover-up labels exist — as a way to help companies fix the errors. (Cover-up labels are sometimes called block-out labels because they obscure the original data entirely.) As handy as these labels are though, there are a few things to know before you select and order them.

The Perks of the Right Label

There are certain printing or text errors that might seem innocuous at first. A single grammatical flaw may not initially seem like a reason to order a new round of cover-up labels — until you consider how it changes the whole context of the sentence. Cover-up labels for available for nearly any medium, including magazines, packaging, and flyers. Traditional label materials are not designed to completely obscure the original information, something that you need to do to eliminate any confusion for the reader.

White Graphics CTA

Labels from White Graphics

Film, gloss, metallic paper: every client of White Graphics needs something different when it comes to their cover-up labels. A label that is likely to be read indoors may need a special barrier to make it easier for people to read. Other labels may require overprinting of white ink or a dark barrier to ensure that the label will stand up to serious wear and tear. Labels do more than limit liability for companies, they can create a sense of connection and trust between the customer and the brand. It's our job to make labels that will inspire confidence in the reader.

White Graphics Inc. can work with your variable data, no matter what it is. Whether it's a simple word change on one item or an entire overhaul for all of your products, our digital label press can handle the job. Don't let an inferior or potentially harmful label go out when you can fix the flaws with us.