Honey Jar Labels

Honey is undoubtedly one of the best natural candies you can find, made by busy bees who make the most of all the good nectar in the world's most beautiful blooms. With so much goodness happening inside one jar, you need a label that will show off just how sweet it really is. Mass-produced honey has taken a back-seat for small, handcrafted batches, something that the right packaging can really make clear to prospective customers. White Graphics Inc. has seen how the right colors, designs, and branding can take an ordinary jar and elevate it to new (gastronomic) heights.

A Central Message

What is the overall focus of your honey in terms of how you distinguish it from your competitors? Are you all about sustainability? Does your honey taste better in teas than other brands? Do you simply have fewer additives? Whatever it is, the label is what will get the message across.

Whether you're selling at a retail store or a farmer's market, you want the bottle or jar to be memorable and the label to be succinct. You want it to look professional while still being somewhat intimate to your customers. After all, you're not selling power tools here. Honey goes in people's kitchens and it's something that they'll come to associate with the taste of warm toast or baked goods.

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The Finishing Touches

The right digital label press can be exactly what you need to print labels that speak to the heart of your brand. At White Graphics Inc., we use a press that's an absolute whiz when it comes to quality labels for short production runs. It's also perfect for variable data. So if you want to customize your honey for an event, like a baby shower or wedding gift basket, you can create labels just for the guests at the party. Or if you want to customize it for carnivals or festivals, you can help your booth or stand really stand out by incorporating the event's name and date.

Labels that stick to your product and won't fade over time can be exactly what you need to start really receiving all the benefits of branding. We can help companies get exactly what they need to help customers discover their products.