Cosmetic Product Labels

From primer and foundation to lip balm and eyeshadow, make your cosmetic product labels stand out with our help.

The cosmetic industry is a highly saturated market with billions of dollars in annual revenue. If you want your cosmetic product to be noteworthy among a sea of competitors, it is all about the product packaging. At White Graphics, we utilize the latest in printing technology to give your product a label that ensures it gets noticed. Graphics are applied in a high-resolution form to really make the details pop.

We Use Only Top-Quality Cosmetic Label Materials for Every Project

The label material used on a cosmetic bottle can require several different properties. For example, if the product may be used by wet or damp hands, it is critical that the material and what is printed on the material can resist oils and moisture. Therefore, a label material like BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene), which is largely comprised of plastic, will serve the product the best. BOPP is also an excellent choice because it can be a basic white shade, metallic-like chrome, or crystal clear. Additionally, White Graphics offers a full line of other label types and we can customize the labels to the right shape for your product.

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Touch Base with Us to Discuss Your Custom Cosmetic Label Project

With an extensive list of options for cosmetic labels and ample experience, White Graphics has what it takes to ensure your product stands out. We take the time to work with each customer to make sure the label design they need for their product is exactly where it needs to be. Whether you need something small for lip balm or nail polish or a large label for a bottle of face cream, we can make sure your label is quality-made, suitable for the purpose, and impressive. Touch bases with us to discuss your cosmetic label design ideas today.