Hand Sanitizer Labels

Hand sanitizer has become incredibly important as of late, especially as at-risk populations struggle to keep themselves away from potentially deadly viruses. Soap and water may be the ideal way to clean one's hands, but sometimes it's just not feasible to get to a faucet. This new demand is causing companies to rethink how they enforce their safety protocols. Companies who want to protect their customers and still promote their brand should consider how custom labels can be a boon for your employees, patrons, and revenue.

Clear and Present

The major benefit of custom hand sanitizers is that you can list all of the ingredients in readable letters. If someone wants to know more about what's going on their skin, which is perfectly understandable, you can let them read the label without a magnifying glass. Stock your company with hand sanitizers that won't dry out the skin, so you leave customers with a good impression of spending time in your business.

Labels That Hold Up to Overuse

Hand sanitizer bottles that are designed for standard use will have labels that can handle a moderate degree of wear and tear. But during a pandemic, your company will be constantly using it with all of your customers, meaning you'll need labels that won't fall to pieces just because an employee's hands get a little sweaty.

White Graphics CTA

Branding for Your Company

Branding can go a long way toward reinforcing your business to customers, even when they're not aware of it. Beautiful labels that speak to your company's values also add a touch of class to any operation. At White Graphics Inc., we have a digital label that is simply perfect for short production runs of pressure-sensitive labels. Able to handle variable data at your request, including graphics and words, you can personalize every inch of the label to fit your needs.

Some business owners may be fine with using hand sanitizer branded with other company names. But in the wake of the pandemic, it's pivotal to look for ways to give yourself an edge with customers who might be on edge. If you show them that you're taking precautions and looking after all the details, this can help inspire confidence in your customer base.