Flow Wraps

White Graphics, Inc. uses clear or colored film to produce beautifully printed flow wrap packaging. Flow
wrap is horizontal packaging that includes sealed air flow wraps that are closed at the top as well as the
vertical bottom. It’s produced when a product enters the flow wrap machine and is wrapped with clear
or colored film. We offer many different services and options, including flow wrap printing, design flow
wraps, custom packaging, and various flow wrap packaging materials.
The team of dedicated professionals at White Graphics, Inc., focus on the specific needs of our
customers. Serving both B2C and B2B customers, we work with each client to bring their creative
concepts to life with flow wrap designs, assemblies and reproductions that are sure to impress. We offer
a complete range of related flow wrapping services, including graphics, package prototyping, kitting, and
Flow wrap packaging is a great option for retail companies or any organization in need of custom
packaging. It is used for many different products, including candy and baked goods, popsicles, ice cream
bars, vegetables, soap, and even medical devices and industrial parts.

Benefits of Flow Wrapping

  • An airtight, sealed air flow wrap increases the shelf-life of the product
  • Highly efficient method that works on a large variety of products
  • Versatile and can easily handle products that have varying sizes