Corrugated Displays

Our Approach to Display Sample Production

Using the power of our advanced digital equipment, we can print directly on corrugated. Simultaneously, we leverage other techniques to print directly on adhesive vinyl. Our tailored approaches allow us to create authentic samplings of elegant displays that integrate simple to high-end graphics including simulated flexo print and/or litho mount. The outcome? You get an accurate depiction of your display in full scale production.

Multiple Production Options

Corrugated displays allow you to showcase your products in retail stores and convention exhibit booths. White Graphics can produce mockups from cardboard and stylizes them with vibrant graphics that present your product line on all sides. You can order free-standing units, table sample boxes or movable displays. Each free-standing mockup will contain the number of shelves requested – from a flat pedestal to multiple slanted shelf openings.

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Easy Set-Up and In-Store Placement

Setup is easy. You can position your corrugated display mockup at the front of the store for the most exposure when customers enter or place it near the checkout lanes. Corrugated display mockups can also sit at the start of aisle shelving, taking up a minimum amount of space while allowing shopping carts to maneuver throughout the store. Some corrugated display mockups have doors on the shelves that can be pushed closed at the end of the business day to create a tidy appearance.

Convenient Shipping and Loading Dock

White Graphics will produce and ship the corrugated display mockups per your direction. We also offer mockups for large pallet shipments to wholesalers. Whether your company is large or small, you will have the corrugated display mockups that you require to promote your products.

Located in Downers Grove, Illinois, we maintain weekly office hours from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., as well as loading dock hours for pick-up of shipments. White Graphics also allows you to download the necessary graphic files and specifications directly on our website for instant customer service. We are also available to answer your service calls and pricing questions by phone. Let our company provide you with the supplies your business needs.

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