We Create Rapid Prototypes, Bringing Your Work to Market Sooner

Rapid prototypes are the tangible previews of your concept as it will be packaged. Essentially models of a finished product’s packaging, they allow you to test out your design before we print your packages in high volumes.

We find these models are often the keys to creating stand-out, lasting shelf appeal.

Why “Bend” to the Competition? Go Flexible for All Your Packaging Needs

You’ve got a product. You’re proud of it. And you’re ready to find the best possible packaging solution to meet your needs and make sales.

Great! You’ve got several packaging prototype options before you, including folding cartons, shrink sleeves for bottles and containers, and of course, flexible packaging.

Tips to Make Your Prototype Packaging Stand Out

Every year, there are countless new products launched all over the world. The sad reality, however, is that most of them (estimated 95%) actually fail their first year. During the first year that consumer packaged products are rolled out, only 25% actually make $7.5 million. In order to be seen as highly successful, a product needs to have $50 million in sales during the first year. Obviously, failure is not the goal of the entrepreneur or company but it is something to make note of.