Tips to Make Your Prototype Packaging Stand Out

Every year, there are countless new products launched all over the world. The sad reality, however, is that most of them (estimated 95%) actually fail their first year. During the first year that consumer packaged products are rolled out, only 25% actually make $7.5 million. In order to be seen as highly successful, a product needs to have $50 million in sales during the first year. Obviously, failure is not the goal of the entrepreneur or company but it is something to make note of.

Why You Need Great Prototype Packaging

One of the main reasons why many prototypes fail in the market is because they do not have great packaging. More often than not, if there is packaging for a product that is less than par, it can easily be overlooked on the shelf. Additionally, if a competitor product has better packaging that your prototype, then the eyes of the consumer will automatically be drawn to the more attractive and appealing packaging. The packaging of a product is the first impression that the consumer gets which means you need to make sure you have something that will trigger a positive reaction. It should also be something that reinforces your brand and stands out from other competitors in the market if you want it to be successful.

Tips to Help Your Packaging Stand Out

There are many different directions you can go in when you are creating your prototype packaging. Whether you have an overall idea already in mind or you are you starting from scratch, you want to keep these key design tips in mind.

  • Use a Professional and Simple Design - You do not want your design to have any unnecessary text or graphics that take away from your key message. You should have something simple in place so that your target audience can easily see what the product is and read any information they are looking for. It is not recommended that you add too many graphics or types of font. Less is more when you are considering prototype designs.
  • Use Packaging to Attract Your Target Market - Hopefully before you get to the packaging component of your product you already know who your target audience is. When you are creating your overall design, you want to make sure you keep this market in mind. If you product is geared towards teens, you should use graphics and text that will catch their eye. Think about exactly who you are trying to communicate with and ensure that your packaging achieves that goal.
  • Keep Your Industry in Mind - Not only do you want to design for your target audience but you also want to keep your industry standards in mind. Make sure that the packaging you design is ideal for your specific industry. You would not want to sell a light bulb that has a picture of an outdoor, sunny pool. make sure that the design makes sense for the industry as well as the product that you are creating the prototype for. if you are not sure, then it may be worth your time to explore what your competitors are doing in the market so you can get some clues and direction.
  • Let Your Packaging Show Expectations - The last thing you want for your packaging is for it to make promises that your promise cannot keep. You want your target market to see the packaging and get an expectation of what they can really expect while using the product. If your packaging does not do this, it will not be very long before people catch on and you will not get any additional purchases from customers. You do not want to disappoint your customers so keep the expectations in line with reality.
  • Think Outside the Box - This may seem contradictory to the previous point of keeping your packaging in line with your industry but that doesn't mean you cannot do something a bit different. Having a slight difference in packaging can really help your product stand out and may mean the difference between someone picking your product over the competitor product. Your product is different than others on the market so your packaging should be too. You do not have to do anything crazy to make a difference, either. Something small might make a huge impact.

Prototype packaging is something that can take some time to get right. Use these tips and try out your ideas with a focus group to ensure you are on the right path. For more ideas, guidance, or inspiration, be sure to check out our website.