Why “Bend” to the Competition? Go Flexible for All Your Packaging Needs

You’ve got a product. You’re proud of it. And you’re ready to find the best possible packaging solution to meet your needs and make sales.

Great! You’ve got several packaging prototype options before you, including folding cartons, shrink sleeves for bottles and containers, and of course, flexible packaging.

To be sure, certain products will necessitate the use of folding cartons, corrugated packaging, and various other rigid packaging solutions. But a multitude of fine products will benefit particularly from a flexible packaging solution.

Here’s why:

The Benefits of Flexible Packaging Solutions

#1 – Customization is simple, wide open, and cost-effective.

The first thing marketers and product packaging designers will tell you is that how a product looks will ultimately matter just as much — if not more — than what the product actually is, how it functions, or what it tastes like. And when it comes to designing and styling flexible packaging prototypes, the sky’s the limit.

At White Graphics, Inc., our digital printing technology can create any design you can dream up — create a unique and eye-grabbing logo, easily alter and enhance the package finish, and make your color scheme really pop over the competition! Any size, shape, or style you’re looking for can be achieved.

#2 – You’ll be offering more advantages to your customers.

Depending on your product, flexible packaging may ultimately attract more customers.

Let’s say you produce packages of trail mix or granola bites — perfect for on-the-go moms and working 20 and 30-somethings. Flexible packaging allows these customers to toss your product in their purse or work bag with ease. Keeping the bags in a car, desk, or drawer is also simpler with flexible packaging. It’s a design your customers want.

And the advantages go beyond this as well. Flexible packaging is simply, well, more flexible! It’s also lighter weight, easier to reseal, more water-proof, and takes up less space. Your customers will also like that it’s eco-friendly …

#3 – Hey! Flexible packaging is super eco-friendly.

The initial manufacturing process of flexible packaging requires less energy and water consumption than is required of rigid packaging production. This means less of a negative impact on the environment and ultimately, fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

Furthermore, one must consider transportation in sustainability as well. Getting flexible packages from one place to another frees up tons of transportation room, which means lower shipping costs for you and a break for the environment as well.

#4 – The durability is built in.

Shipping your precious products can get pretty nerve-racking and stressful when you’re dealing with cartons, boxes, and other rigid — and sometimes precarious — packaging. These items can easily be damaged.

Flexible packaging, on the other hand, is much less likely to become damaged while in transit — even if its mishandled in the process. While some designers and marketers have the misconception that rigid packaging is more protective, the truth is that if a product gets shoved, tossed, or otherwise mishandled, flexible packaging will be able to take the abuse while rigid packaging may bend, crinkle, or rip with relative ease.

#5 – The quality is second to none.

Finally, there’s no better way to make a quality packaging prototype than with a flexible design. Flexible packaging can be created with any of the standard quality features or bells and whistles you’re looking for: From high-standard food-grade materials and zip lock and resealable closures to reusable attributes, standable bases, and more.

Ready to Make a Flexible Packaging Prototype?

White Graphics, Inc. manufactures high-quality, creatively-designed print and packaging solutions for a myriad of industries. From flexible and folding-carton packaging for foods and drinks to point of sale displays and wall and floor graphics, there’s no job too big or too small for us!

Have an idea for a flexible packaging prototype? Need to produce a reproduction of your current design? No idea where to begin? We can help.

To get started, simply give us a call at (630) 791-0232, email sales@whitegraphics.com, or contact us online. We look forward to working with you on your flexible packaging prototype design!