We Create Rapid Prototypes, Bringing Your Work to Market Sooner

Rapid prototypes are the tangible previews of your concept as it will be packaged. Essentially models of a finished product’s packaging, they allow you to test out your design before we print your packages in high volumes.

We find these models are often the keys to creating stand-out, lasting shelf appeal.

Why do they work? The creation of rapid prototypes enables and inspires feedback from all interested people early in the game. But perhaps their keenest value is in their potential to speed the whole process of selling a product. The creation of rapid prototypes has, in some cases, even facilitated sales of products "in beta" to the delight of customers.

Rapid Prototypes Speed the Journey From Concept Creation to Product Launch

We create the rapid prototype to help our clients see a proof of the packaging concept before beginning the full print run. Using a prototype, you'll be able to identify potential issues with colors or placement of design elements — so your final outcome shines. We produce packaging prototypes using best-in-class digital printing methods.

A potential investor or retailer who has the benefit of actually looking at the branded product, as it will be seen by its customers, can make informed, prompt decisions about investing in, purchasing, marketing and stocking the product.

In short, rapid prototypes help take concepts into the marketplace quickly — and with the benefit of foresight.

Rapid Prototypes Help Improve the Quality of Your Finished, Packaged Product

New ideas can emerge through the process of the rapid prototype creation. The client can then effectively consider a greater spectrum of ideas and options.

When you see your prototype, you may wish to make stylistic or physical changes to your packaging, try out the look of the product, and decide whether you're completely satisfied with how it will fit and feel in the package. Through our whole process, often the best part is how examining a rapid prototype can inspire the client to innovate further.

Sometimes, this phase averts costly second thoughts that would have inevitably come to the client later — after the final printing.

We are always ready to advise as requested on the size and design of your packaging, and the availability of value-added materials including recycled and reusable packaging. And as marketing becomes ever more mobile, we can also help you work with the technology that supports the most exciting presentation of your concepts to people.

Sink or Swim? The Prototype Can Make the Difference

Many product launches take place around the world every year. The first year of a new product is critical. And yet some 95% of new products will not succeed in their first year on the market.

What makes or breaks the success of a product? Packaging is a key element. If a competing product's packaging outperforms your prototype in some way, then you'll want to re-work the order to be sure your final outcome meets your exacting expectations for style and function. The best packaging is that which meets the eye of your target market and brings a positive response in the potential customer. At the same time it must reinforce your brand, meet up-to-date industry standards, yet stand out from the competition.

Let's Get Started

At White Graphics, Inc., we know your product's greatest sales potential and its speediest possible arrival on the market count. We can produce your rapid prototypes within a two- to four-day window.

Whether your product is a snack, an energy bar or beverage, whether it's a health and beauty aid, or any other item, we can produce a rapid prototype. Examples of prototypes we've created include flow-wrapped bars and candies, bottled drinks with shrink sleeves, high-impact cartons, and stand-up pouches. Ask us about any other style of packaging you have in mind.

Just give us a ring to get started with the process. Call 630.791.0232 or send an e-mail to sales@whitegraphics.com. Special, urgent projects can be expedited; let us discuss your project's specific needs with you.