Color Management

Accuracy in color is crucial when communicating a company’s brand. When it comes to classic colors like “Coca-Cola red” and “Home Depot orange,” a close imitation falls short. Precision is essential. Label and package printing experts have developed tools to help converters get closer to the colors brands need.

What Is G7, and How Can It Help Brands?

The world of branding is teeming with technical terms and methodologies, yet few are as vital to a brand's visual consistency as G7. At its core, G7 is a color calibration methodology, ensuring colors are consistent and accurate across various printing methods and materials. This process is critical because it guarantees that a brand's specific colors are replicated faithfully, regardless of where or how they're printed. With an understanding of G7, brands can maintain a consistent image, ensuring their message remains clear and recognizable everywhere.

Companies To Watch: White Graphics

Photo credit: Label and Narrow Web

White Graphics has been quite active this year, as the company has added equipment and expanded to a new, state-of-the-art facility.

Article from Label and Narrow Web: Companies To Watch: White Graphics