How to Label a Frozen Product and What Types of Labels to Use

Frozen products, usually food items, need to be properly labeled and follow the clear guidelines set out by different organizations like the FDA and USDA. For those who are just starting a business or looking for a new label manufacturer, there are many questions that arise like what needs to be included on the label and what material will protect the product under harsh temperatures.

NLEA labels for 2022

The Nutrition Labeling and Education Act (NLEA) creates specific labeling requirements. A number of updates and changes occurred as of January of 2020, and new standards went into effect for 2022.

Labels for Perfume and Other Scented Body Products

Fragrance labels are actually very versatile because they can work with any container that's about the size of a perfume or cologne bottle. You need only have a design, and then have us print it. This design can be your own creation, or you can work with a designer and then provide us with their layout.

Our fragrance labels work with many kinds of packaging, so there's no need to get special ones for your bottles. Whether you're using glass, plastic, or something else, our labels will stick with no problems. This further adds to the versatility of this type of label.