Why Product Packaging is Important

In business, people think that only product quality and quantity matters. Have you ever asked yourself why some products fail to dominate in the market despite being of high-quality compared to others? The reason could be poor product packaging. Most businesses fail to understand that the appearance and first impression of product packaging are significant in attracting consumers.

Packaging communicates several things; from what the product can provide for your customers to your company’s achievements and values. In fact, product packaging is just as crucial as the goods themselves. Below are some reasons why product packaging is critical to the success of your business.

Product Protection

Packaging protects your products from wear and tear that may be caused by poor handling during transportation. Nobody would wish to purchase products that are damaged or missing some components.

Always make sure that your products are well packed which eliminates their chances of sustaining any damages during transportation and storage. Check your packages using a packet tester during the packaging process to ensure that the packaging is done correctly and meets the set standards.

Product Packaging is an Advertising Tool

Quality packaging is very helpful in marketing and advertising your products. Customers readily recognize packed and branded products. While designing your packaging remember to include your logo in front or at the center of your package to help consumers remember your commodities during their next shopping.

Think about what the packaging is communicating about you, your products and your brand. You may ask yourself several questions that will effectively guide you during your product packaging development. Is your packaging good enough? Is it displaying the correct information about the product? Is it able to attract shoppers and customers?


Packaging makes your product look different from others since it contains critical information such as your company name, logo, and color schemes. This information helps consumers to uniquely identify your products when compared with other brands on the market.

For instance, while picking various products displayed on shelves, consumers tend to get attracted to brighter colors such as orange, white and pink. This means that if you are a producer, then you can try to use these colors to draw the attention of your customers. Consumers also identify your products with company name or logo which drives them to purchase your products.

Including your company name and logo on your packaging is critical since these two aspects will still identify your products among your clients even if you alter your packaging strategy.


Sometimes, during the shipping process, some units of your product may be stolen or altered to get the entire product or a section of it for illegal use. Right packaging plays an essential role in detecting and preventing such activities. Engineering your product packages in an appropriate and tamper-proof manner will help protect your customers from counterfeit goods. This can save your company from huge losses due to external factors.

Helps in Keeping Your Products Fresh

Most businesses strive to keep their products fresh to make them stay longer. You can achieve this through a number of ways such as cool packaging, shrink film packaging and oxygen free packaging among more others. A good example can be the packaging of fresh fish in a cool bags to enhance its freshness while in the market.

Influences Customer Buying Decisions

Attractive branding and packaging make potential consumers get interested in buying your products. Customers buying behavior is greatly influenced by product packaging. A significant number of consumers get attracted to products that have excellent and attractive packages.

If you look at leading brands that have managed to be in the market for a long time, you’ll notice that they make minimal changes to their branding and packaging. This helps their customers to easily recognize their products and develop a habit of purchasing their products day in day out.


Though customers are used to it, providing excellent packaging to your customers is an indication of excellent service. It does not matter whether you give your packaging free or at a price, your customers need to be offered an alternative to deliver their products home.

The above points demonstrate the importance of product packaging to your business success. Take the right steps today and start working on the right packaging for your products that will offer you a competitive advantage in the market. By doing so, you will not only retain your customers but also attract more clients to your business. Contact White Graphics Inc. today for all of your product packaging needs.