Personalized Wine Labels: How the Right Images Can Showcase Your Unique Flavors

Wine is something of a mystery to many people. With seemingly endless grape combinations and soil compositions, choosing a bottle often comes down to sheer luck. Sometimes the only thing a customer has to go on is the label, especially if they’re shopping in a regular store without a wine expert to follow them around. We’ll look at how the right labels can make a difference and why ours can help you stand out.

Preliminary Decisions

Some wines are distinctly hip. They offer the casual connoisseur a glimpse into the world of wine, but they don’t pressure anyone to start talking about how much stone fruit or cigars they taste in the glass. Other wines will cater to the more savvy wine lover.

The material you choose, the quality of the printing, and the size and shape of the label can all play into how people perceive the bottle and, in turn, the brand behind it. Some companies choose to highlight the bottle itself by downplaying the label while others will shout its best qualities from the rooftops with the help of bold colors and big covers.

You’ll also want to think about different demographics based on the varietal. A white wine drinker may be looking for something a little less intense than a red wine drinker, and the label can be the perfect way to convey the differences between the two. Whichever direction you choose, it may take a few tries before you get the best label for you.

Catch People’s Eyes

No matter how sophisticated your wine maybe, your label can be designed to catch someone’s attention. Maps, photos, lettering, unconventional edges: this is an opportunity to cement your product in the eyes of your target demographic.

White Graphics Inc. doesn’t have to remind anyone that this market is saturated with everything from celebrity brands to well-established names of the bargain-basement variety. Loyalty to one type of wine is all about flavor, but inspiring that loyalty can start with something as simple as a more sophisticated font.

What the Right Printer Can Do for You

The right printer will give you the options you need to create labels that won’t disappoint. At White Graphics, our printers have the experience to highlight products in any number of clever and creative ways. If you can dream it, we can likely make it into a reality:

  • Agility: This is one of our major claims to fame. Do you need wine labels that celebrate a special event? Are you releasing a collection of only 100 bottles? We’re ready to fulfill large and small orders alike — without busting your budget.
  • Personalization: Names, dates, company logos, and messages are just a few benefits that variable printing can give you. We know how important it is to be unique in this industry, so we don’t cut corners when it comes to customization.
  • Graphics: White Graphics Inc. can make your primaries shine, your neons sing, and your metallics catch the light in all the right ways. Even if your product is on the bottom shelf, we won’t let it get swallowed up in the crowd.

It’s not abnormal for a customer to choose wine based solely on the label. It’s how people can end up trying different brands before finding a product that they can serve with anything from a weekday omelet to a four-course dinner party. Our job is to help you get all the right information across, so you can pick up new customers even amongst all the competition.