Home & Garden Labels: Help Customers Get Organized Inside & Out in 2022

As the first two weeks of 2022 have brought unprecedented snow and ice storms to the United States in northern regions, many are already making their plans for spring table gardens. After all, spring will come, and there are only a few weeks to order seeds, design the outdoor beds and get seedlings up and ready for transplanting when the soil warms up. Having the proper labeling system will keep home gardeners organized and help ensure the food crops and flower beds get the best possible start.

For the commercial seed companies and retail outlets that sell seed, fertilizers, pest control products, tools, grow lights, and other gardening supplies, choosing White Graphics labels guarantees every label complements your high-quality products.

High-Quality Home & Garden Labels For Niche Retailers

Customizing home and garden labels for heirloom seeds and cuttings has never been easier for retailers who specialize in niche markets. For example, our team approaches label creation as a way to visually display your company's core values – whether those values include preserving legacy health benefits, ensuring organic growing and harvesting methods, or something unique about your sustainable business model.

Building trust between commercial partners and consumers is vital to success, and our team takes each label order seriously because we are an essential partner in relationship building. Whether your operation is a web-based-only enterprise or you offer both brick and mortar access, the White Graphics team is here to help you enhance customer service, starting with product labels that introduce your brand and offer valuable information about how to use your products wisely for optimum results.

Home & Garden Labels Cover A Wide Array of Product Categories

Of course, growing a garden – whether it is an indoor window herb garden, a small container garden on the patio, or a full-scale community garden to feed the masses – takes more than just seeds and cuttings. We have printed labels for seeds, pest control agents, organic fertilizers, gardening tools, cleaning chemicals, and other accessories. We offer client assistance with equipment labels, protective gear labels, soil, and nutrient packaging, grow lights, pre-packaged mini garden systems, shelving, and anything else your company offers to professionals and hobbyists alike.

We have printed labels that consumers can use to organize their gardens – think, weather-resistant labels for marking sections in a garden that identify the type of plant and care instructions. These labels are an excellent complimentary gift for customers who purchase seeds, cuttings, and plants or as an up-sale at checkout to generate a new revenue stream and build brand loyalty.

Beyond the Garden: Home Product Labels

Food crops and flowering plants are only two categories that fall under the broad umbrella of Home and Garden labeling. In every home and business, there are dozens of products that consumers buy and use daily. Our experience includes working with companies to design labels that accurately reflect their brand and their products.

Each label order begins with a conversation that allows our team to get to know both the product and the brand behind the product. Customers submit all the artwork and we manage the layout and printing processes.

Using this highly specialized approach, we have successfully helped clients create labels for:

  • Personal hygiene products

  • Aromatic and decorative candles

  • Spray, liquid, and powder-based products

  • Interior and exterior house paint

  • Seeds

  • Fertilizers

  • Weed and pest control agents

  • Pet food and care products

  • Lawn and garden equipment

  • Cleaning and detergent supplies

  • And, dozens of other applications.

Partner With White Graphics: Choose Superior Home & Garden Labels That Make Your Product More Visible on the Shelf

A well-designed, high-quality label maintains its quality and helpfulness throughout the life of the product inside. Weather-resistant, smudge-proof lettering ensures customers know what they are using from the first use until the last application. Customized printed stickers and labels are a valuable tool in marketing and building brand loyalty.

Contact us today for more details or request a quote. For your convenience, you may touch base with a member of our team by telephone, email, in-person at our Downers Grove, Illinois location or with a secure message using our online inquiry form.