Best Essential Oil Label: How to Make Your Roller Bottles Stand Out

There are a variety of essential oils available today. Their established connection to health and wellness would be enough to make anyone want to give them a try. Having the right label can be a great way to display the most important features of each oil and make it easier for your brand to really shine on the shelf. We’ll look at what kind of message you should be sending to customers and why working with the right labeling partner can do more for your product than you might think.

How to Label Essential Oils

When you start hammering down the nuts and bolts of labels, it’s typically best to start with logistics. Essential oils are, well, oily! If the label can’t stand up to regular wear and tear, which is undoubtedly going to include some degree of spillage, then the disintegration might make a customer think twice about buying again. And even if they do want to buy from you again, they might very well not know who to go back to because the label is all but gone.

At White Graphics, Inc., our operations scale your labels to fit the size of your product. Whether it’s a standard 10ml bottle or a more ambitious container, we work with your dimensions. We can also design the shape of the label, all while ensuring the material is strong enough to handle ongoing use.

Label Ideas

Labels are ultimately a way to talk to prospective customers without being in the room. As you already know, the quality of the oils in relation to their price point is more likely what’s going to earn you repeat business. However, you need people to try the product first before you can start building a solid reputation.

The presentation can be a big part of this, particularly when essential oils are often purchased for spa applications. Even if it’s someone giving themselves a facial in their downstairs bathroom, these products can go a long way toward making the experience a little more special.

We recommend focusing on what makes the bottle great and then trying to convey the best feature through the label. For instance, you might design a blue label for an essential oil that’s meant to calm or orange for one that’s meant to energize. This way, your customers have an easy way to distinguish one oil from another.

If you want to go a different route, consider how clear labels or black and white labels would fit with your brand values. This kind of simple, sophisticated packaging might be welcomed amongst a high-class clientele or expensive salon owner. Whatever you choose, these same notes will need to be carried through with everything from the color to the font to the images you select for each product.

Finding a Label Partner Who Can Help

White Graphics, Inc. knows that it can be easy to discount the importance of labels, particularly when you have plenty of other responsibilities on your plate. However, this is often the first impression you make on your customers, which can have a big impact on your bottom line.

We work with large orders and small orders alike, making it possible for you to use everything you order rather than having to deal with rolls of surplus labels sitting around. Whether you’re just getting started or you’re looking for a refresh, our staff is here to help.