Nutrition Labels

One thing that makes your nutritional product stand out from the rest is a label. The label speaks words that are enough to convince a customer to choose your product over others on a shelf. Nutrition labels need to be very appealing and conspicuous so that buyers can notice your product ingredients and corresponding advantages and buy it. Let us take a look at what makes your nutrition label unique in a shelf.

1. Understand who your customers are

Understand that different customers need different types of nutritional composition in a product. Make a clear list of the ingredients and their corresponding nutritional values. This implies that you should take time to study your customers before designing the label. You should also consider factors age and sex of your target customers to avoid writing irrelevant information on the label. The customer does not have a lot of time to walk looking at all the product to know what serves him/her best. Take the advantage of a clear label and win customers.

2. Be clear in appeals

If you have to win customers for your beverage or food product, you must have some clear appealing messages on the nutrition label. These messages are meant to attract the customer by letting them know the values of the nutrients found in that food or beverage. After all, you want to win the heart of the customer. You have this chance of persuading him/her through a clear and convincing appeal on that nutrition product label. However, the appeal should not be very long since no one has much time to read a lot of information. You also want to keep the label organized, don’t you?

3. Mind typography on the label

Use of an appealing typography in nutrition labels is paramount for the success of the label to attract the customer. Font size is an important element to consider. Let it be huge enough to be readable by the customer from a distance
Color is also an aspect of typography. Use very appealing colors on the nutrition labels to attract the attention of the customer from a distance. If well used, color and font size will call the customer from a distance and pick your product. Mind them when designing that nutritional label.

4. Be bold

Boldness is related to big and powerful things. Try as much as you can to have the nutrients list written in bold. People will associate the boldness on the label with the nutritional value of the product. You know the outcome of this, right? I bet you do.

5. Simplify the list

A simplified list design gives your label a lot of power to inform the potential customer in a shopping mall full of quality products of the same kind. Let the nutrition label be simple and direct. Avoid too much information that will make the label look disorganized. The customer needs a smart label anyway. 

6. Brand labeling

You should ensure that your brand can be identified by such things as font type, color, design and other types of product branding. Let the customer see that nutrition label and have the picture of your product in mind instantly. If the label creates a nutritious food or beverage that you offer, this way the label attracts customers.

Nutrition labels are essential and paramount in all the beverages and foods that you present on the shelves. We are experts in developing you the best prototypes of all your foods and beverages. Experience the best quality service with us today at affordable prices.